# Telemetry

MeiliSearch collects anonymized data from users in order to improve our product. This can be deactivated at any time.

# What kind of data do we collect?

We use Amplitude (opens new window) to collect usage data. You can disable it by following the below procedure.

Amplitude collects the following datapoints:

  • Amount of time the MeiliSearch instance has been running
  • MeiliSearch version
  • Technical specs of the device running MeiliSearch
  • Database size per instance
  • Number of documents per instance

We will absolutely never identify users, track users, or collect private information, including IP address, email, or website URLs. All of our data collection is GDPR-compliant and secure.


In the future, we may collect additional metrics relating to new features. This page will be kept up-to-date, but for the most precise information be sure to check the release notes after each new version. soon

# Why collect telemetry data?

We collect anonymized data for only two reasons: so that we can improve our product, and so that we can continue working on this project full-time.

In order to better address our users' needs and chart a clear path forward for MeiliSearch, we need reliable quantitative information. The information we collect helps us fix bugs, evaluate the success of certain features, and identify our strengths and weaknesses as a product.

We also need to prove that people are actually using MeiliSearch! Usage metrics help us justify our existence to investors so that we can keep this project alive.

# How to disable data collection

Data collection can be disabled at any time by setting a command-line option or environment variable, then restarting the MeiliSearch instance.

For more information about configuring MeiliSearch, read our configuration reference.