# MeiliSearch Errors

# index_creation_failed

An error occurred while trying to create an index, check out our guide on index creation (opens new window)

# index_already_exists

An index with this UID already exists, check out our guide on index creation (opens new window)

# index_not_found

An index with this UID was not found, check out our guide on index creation (opens new window)

# invalid_index_uid

There is an error in the provided index format, check out our guide on index creation (opens new window)

# index_not_accessible

An internal error occurred while trying to access the requested index.

# invalid_state

An error that occurs when the database is in an invalid state. Deleting the database and re-indexing should solve the problem.

# missing_primary_key

All documents must be identified with a unique key. MeiliSearch will try to infer the document field to use it as a primary key. If it can't infer it, the primary key must be specified manually, and this error is returned. See our guide on primary keys (opens new window).

# primary_key_already_present

This error is thrown when trying to modify the primary key of an index, when it has been already set. See guide on primary keys (opens new window).

# max_fields_limit_exceeded

The maximum number of fields for a document is 65,535. When this number is exceeded, this error is returned.

# missing_document_id

A document does not contain any value for the required primary key, and is thus invalid. Check documents in the current addition for the invalid ones.

# invalid_filter

The filter provided with the search is invalid. Check our guide on filtering (opens new window) to troubleshoot.

# invalid_sort

The sort value is invalid. Make sure the attributes you are using for sorting have been added to sortableAttributes and that ranking rules are configured correctly. Check our guide on sorting (opens new window) for more information.

# bad_request

The request is invalid, check the error message for more information.

# document_not_found

The requested document can't be retrieved. Either it doesn't exist, or the database was left in an inconsistent state.

# internal

MeiliSearch experienced an internal error. Check the error message, and open an issue if necessary.

# invalid_token

The provided token is invalid.

# missing_authorization_header

The requested resources are protected with an API key, that was not provided in the request header. Check our guide on authentication (opens new window) for more information.

# not_found

The requested resources could not be found.

# payload_too_large

The payload sent to the server was too large. Check out this guide (opens new window) to customize the maximum payload size accepted by MeiliSearch.

# unretrievable_document

The document exists in store, but there was an error retrieving it. This probably comes from an inconsistent state in the database.

# unsupported_media_type

The payload content type is not supported by MeiliSearch. Currently, MeiliSearch supports only JSON payloads.

# dump_already_in_progress

A dump creation is already in progress and a new one can't be triggered until the previous dump creation is not finished.

# dump_process_failed

An error occured during dump creation process, task aborted.