# MeiliSearch Documentation

Welcome to the MeiliSearch documentation. Here you'll find everything you need to learn and create with our lightning fast search engine.

# Getting Started with MeiliSearch

Enjoy a hands-on approach to learning? Follow a quick tutorial to learn the basics of the engine.

Prefer to learn by reading? You're not alone. Check out articles covering the most important core concepts of MeiliSearch.

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# Version Compatibility

This documentation only reflects the latest version of MeiliSearch. As long as we are pre-v1.0, we do not provide multi-version documentation and databases are not compatible between versions.

The current version of MeiliSearch (opens new window) can be found in the top-left of this site.

# Open-source

MeiliSearch and its documentation are both completely open source. You can support the project by starring our main GitHub repository (opens new window) or contributing to the docs.